Constructing Our Vision Boards

This is our last day of staycation before going back to work. Victor shared an article on how to manage stress based on your astrological sign. As an Aquarius, it advised me to create a vision board. I was thinking of going to Target to buy a cork board and frame but it was too much work. Besides, as a digital marketer I’d figured it was better to create one on Pinterest, right? So this is what we came up with…

Ann’s 2017 Vision Board

Ann: For my vision board I focused on feelings of love, happiness, peace and gratitude. I’m at a place in my life now where I have the space and time to revisit old ideas that have laid dormant due to major life events in the past 5 years. I hope to share more with you over the next few posts on what each pin means to me.

Victor’s 2017 Vision Board

Victor: The idea of a vision board and how it leverages the law of attraction intrigues me. The main driver for creating my vision board is to see how effective this vision board is in actual application. I have many home projects on my plate this year and personal development goals. I’ve always been the believer that I should constantly be a learner everyday. I plan to visit this board as often as I can so as to keep me focused. I think by posting my board this will keep me accountable for the things that I look to improve and learn this year. My board’s general theme is outdoor home improvement, health, and engaging in new opportunities without fear.


-Victor & Ann

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