Matt and James Say “I Do”!

Every single one of us has an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, no matter what our occupation is. We are landlords, handymen/handywomen, property managers and hosts. But that doesn’t mean we stop at our job title. One of the main reasons why we became Airbnb hosts is because we love to bring people together. Being an Airbnb host is more than giving people a place to sleep, shower and eat. Our guests entrust us with their family vacations, business trips, graduations, Thanksgiving dinners and most recently, a wedding.

A reality of going into the business of short-term rental is that you will have some bad apples and guests will trash your place. We’ve had things like bachelor/bachelorette parties and 420s happen. YES, it happens. These situations do not deter us. Instead, we learn how to become better hosts. Typically we don’t allow events at our home and utilize Airbnb features like Reviews and Guest Requirements to screen out potential troublemakers. We’d like to think that we’re more seasoned now and to protect ourselves and be more mindful of our neighbors, we clearly stated in our house rules, NO EVENTS. But this is the beauty of it all…you can still choose to listen to people’s stories and change your mind.

Matt and James, a couple that lives and works in Atlanta, inquired about allowing them to have a small wedding ceremony in the backyard of our Airbnb, Spacious and Beautiful Home in Quiet Neighborhood. In our communication exchange, Matt and James shared that their venue canceled on them and they needed to find another place quickly. Of course we hesitated but as we asked more questions and they willingly provided ample details, we began to sympathize with their situation. How could we say no to this sweet couple? They were open to making adjustments to their wedding plans to minimize foot traffic in our home and avoid disturbing our neighbors. For example, their guests would arrive by Uber/Lyft to prevent clogging up street parking and after the ceremony and brunch everyone would head into the city to spend more time together to minimize volume. Matt and James showed us that they respected our home as if it were their own. We confidently accepted their request and we’re happy to share that they got married this past weekend! As soon as they shared their wedding photos we were amazed by the loveliness of it all. Matt and James reminded us of our passion to bring people together. We received permission from Matt and James to share their wedding photos on our blog and Instagram. Congrats Matt and James! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and blessings!

You can follow them at @mattersofmatt and @james_l_f.

Southbound Living Tips:

  • Hosts: Explain reasons for house rules and be flexible based on a guest’s situation.  Ask questions and don’t be afraid to ask multiple follow-up questions. Read guest’s reviews, communicate concerns and set clear expectations.
  • Guests: Understand reasons behind house rules and be open to adjusting your plans to accommodate your host. Be honest and share details that are relevant to your stay—who will be staying, what is your reason for your trip.

Thanks for reading! Stay tune for more on our journey.

–Victor & Ann

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