7 Easy Fall Maintenance To-Do’s for Your Property

Ahhh…fall is our favorite season of the year. We enjoy soaking in the pumpkins, fall foliage, autumn decorations and the yummy comfort foods. Speaking of comfort foods, I made a mean beef brisket in the Instapot yesterday and it was OH. SO. DELICIOUS. Anyway, the NUMBER ONE reason why we love fall is that it means slower grass growth and less grass cutting to do!  Victor and I have been busy prepping the house and the rental properties for fall and we wanted to share some of our fall maintenance tips with you.

Here’s Your 2018 Fall Maintenance Checklist

  1. Clear leaves out of gutters and downspouts

  1. Seal gaps where critters and pest can enter your home

  1. Add weatherstripping to your doors and windows

  1. Test your smoke detectors and replace your batteries

  1. Clean dryer vents

  1. Schedule an annual chimney inspection and cleaning for your fireplace

  1. Get your furnace checked and service before weather gets cooler

How We Chose Our Preferred Provider for Furnace and AC

A vendor that we like to work with is ARS/Rescue Rooter. They’re a nationwide company and provide 24/7 services for plumbing, heating and AC repair. When we first started out with our vacation rentals we didn’t have preferred provider. Guests were staying at one of our rental properties and the AC failed during a hot summer afternoon. We did a Google search for “24/7 Atlanta AC repair”. I called about 10 different companies and we decided to go with ARS because they had the most courteous representative and fastest turnaround time. The ARS technician was very polite and professional. He called 30 minutes before his arrival and within 3 hours of my call the issue was fixed. Although many people may prefer to choose an inexpensive provider, we chose ARS based on reliability, response time and value.

Preventative Maintenance Ensures a Great Guest Experience

We signed up for the home service plan for heating and AC. Some benefits are discounts on parts and service, the service fee is waived and ARS checks our systems twice a year—once in the spring and in the fall. We’re proactive about staying on top of our systems since they can cause a negative guest experience when the AC or the heater fails. Yep, our first year as Airbnb hosts it happened plenty of times and we had to use the 24/7 service. We also have window AC units and space heaters on hand for backup too.

What do you do for fall maintenance? Do you have any recommendations for a preferred provider? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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