Must-Have Tools for Property Maintenance

When I worked with my dad in the family business, I noticed that the maintenance jobs we did on a regular basis involved using multiple tools that we needed to have on hand at all times. We checked on the properties weekly and often times we would uncover minor issues that needed to be addressed. For Southbound Living, I originally started out using one bucket (which was the bucket I used for my saltwater aquarium) and was planning to get a second bucket to hold my go-to tools. I chose to use buckets because of how practical they are. They’re not just for holding tools. They can contain and carry water and trash and you can also use them to mix paint. To me, a bucket is as essential as a towel in the trunk of your car.

While I was in the process of putting together my buckets, my best friend Dennis had sent a birthday gift, a CLC Tech Gear bag which is also the same bag that he has. Yes, we have matching bags. This is THE best gift I have ever received from him. The CLC Tech Gear bag is designed for electricians and can hold pliers, crimpers, cables, wires and it even has a box to hold short electrical fuses. One cool feature is the built-in flashlight in the handle. It’s also deceivingly big and opens on both sides. There’s a ton of compartments and the inside pockets are clear. The big padded shoulder strap provides great support too. So now I used a combination of the tech bag and bucket.

What’s in My Tool Bag

I keep my common tools in here. I grab this bag first when I go to check on a property.

  • Warner 5-in-1 Paint Multi-Tool *One of my favorites
  • Dewalt Cordless Power Drill *One of my favorites
  • Various screwdrivers (small, lightweight)
  • Multimeter
  • Voltage detector pen
  • Pliers, crimpers, electrical tape
  • I converted the plastic box for electrical fuses to hold wire nuts
  • Small right triangle used for measuring and cutting
  • 18″ flex ruler and measuring tape
  • Small 6″ leveler
  • Small claw bar
  • Backup circular saw blade replacement
  • Protective goggles, rubber nitrile gloves and mechanic gloves
  • Framing hammer
  • Multiple plastic boxes that contain misc screws and drill bits
  • 1 small box of screws
  • Small bottle cement glue
  • Pencils and Sharpies
  • Thread sealing teflon tape
  • Small jar of spackle
  • Vice grips
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Drill bit set
  • Driving bit set
  • Portable led flashlight (pen size)

What’s in My Bucket

The bucket is used for heavy duty or special/DIY projects. I will bring both the tech bag and bucket when I’m working on a larger job.

  • 2 sets of ratcheting combination wrench set (SAE/metric) *One of my favorites
  • Drive socket wrench set
  • Tub and shower valve socket wrench
  • 12″ crowbar
  • Large flashlight
  • Basin wrench
  • Adjustable slip-nut wrench
  • Chalk line reel
  • Putty knives (multiple sizes)
  • Backup painter’s tool
  • Long heavy screw drivers (one for Philips head and one for flat)
  • Small and large wire brushes – very convenient for scrubbing debris and paint off brushes

Whether you’re building your tool bag or bucket from scratch or looking to make a few upgrades/additions, I hope you find this post helpful. Leave me a comment and let me know what are your favorite tools and if you use a bag, bucket or something else.

Thank you for reading!





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