1 Inexpensive Thing You Can Do to Improve Your Check-In and Check-Out Process

What’s the first thing that guests are looking for when they arrive at your property? If you said wi-fi then you’re correct! You must anticipate your guests’ needs AT THE TIME they need it. We’ve stayed at plenty of Airbnbs where there was no wi-fi information readily available or we didn’t know what we needed to do before leaving.

How to improve your check-in and check-out process

Create a framed note with wi-fi credentials and check-out instructions. Place them on the entryway tables so guests will see them as they walk in. Make sure to let them know prior to arrival that the information is available.

Put a framed note in every single room on the nightstand. Although you are communicating with your guest, they might not always pass on the instructions to everyone else in their group. This way, there’s no question on what’s the wi-fi or what guests need to do before they leave.

Here are some things we include in our check-in / check-out signage:

  • Wi-fi network name and password. We include both 2.4 and 5ghz networks.
  • Place used towels in shower/tub or hamper
  • Strip used beds: pillowcases, flat sheet, fitted sheet, duvet cover
  • Take trash outside and place inside rolling cart (If guest are staying in our rental during a trash pickup day we ask them in advance to roll the cart to the curb.)
  • Return remote controls to TV stand (We had an incident where we couldn’t find two remote controls and we had to order replacements. Months later the remote controls turned up!)
  • Return key to lockbox

Feel free to download our 5×7 check-in / check-out signage template. Download Photoshop PSD file or Editable PDF file.

We picked up a pack of white 5×7 frames from Ikea and we also got some decorative ones from the thrift store too. Here are our Amazon picks:

Whether you’re new to hosting or a seasoned pro, if you’re not doing this now then definitely display a frame note for your guests to make their check-in and check-out experience easier. If you found this useful please leave a comment, tag us in your Instagram photos @southbound.living and use the hashtag #howwesuperhost. We’d love to see what you come up with!

Happy Hosting!

–Victor & Ann

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