Our Story

As the son of a savvy landlord, Victor spent his childhood weekends and summers cutting grass and learning how to maintain properties. After Hurricane Katrina, he returned to New Orleans to work side-by-side with his dad to repair and renovate residential and commercial buildings that suffered severe damage from the storm. Victor then realized that he wanted to continue the family business in real estate and property management.
At the age of eight, Ann was standing behind the sales counter of the family’s retail business and practiced the art of negotiation, procurement and customer service. Her parents were serial entrepreneurs and built and grew businesses in retail, entertainment, service and real estate.
For over 16 years, Victor and Ann created a number of consulting, e-commerce and rental businesses including Original Masters Studio, The Other T-shirt Co., Best Life Pixels, La Creola, Artisan Empire and now Southbound Living.
Southbound Living offers long-term and short-term rentals. The company’s mission is to invest and improve communities, to give people a place to call home and to make guests feel at home when they’re away from home.
Victor and Ann have been married for 12 years and live in Atlanta, Georgia with their two young sons. In their free time they enjoy playing tabletop games, spending time with their family and traveling.