How to Replace Your Bathtub Spout

bathtub spout

One of the things we routinely ask our guests before they check out is if anything in the rental needs attention or needs to be repaired/replaced. We appreciate the details that our guests provide because we don’t live in our rentals and use it on a daily basis. Although we have walkthroughs and inspections things […]

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Budget-Friendly Backyard Makeover

Our Tailgate HQ Backyard Makeover project took 7 months from creative concept to execution. It was truly a labor of love. Victor and I did most of the work but we had special help from my grandfather (who is a strong and healthy 93-year-old man!), Victor’s parents and our 8-year-old son Andrew. Since we were […]

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DIY Photo Ledge for Our Family Photos

Like some of you, we’re die-hard fans of Magnolia and ChrisLovesJulia. One of their projects is a DIY photo ledge. We moved into our house late 2015 and left all of our family photos packed away in the attic. Two years later, YES, TWO YEARS LATER, we finally dusted off the boxes and gave our […]

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